Job Search, Career Development and Career Change Masterclass

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Course Description

Are you feeling stuck in a dead-end job?

Tired of feeling unfulfilled or that you’re wasting your potential?

Feeling overwhelmed by the job search?

Not getting the position or the salary you know you deserve?

Or, afraid of how the changing economy will impact your career?

Adults spend most of their waking hours working. It’s no secret that having a fulfilling career is vital for a happy, successful life. If you’re like most people, you have either never really considered the career you REALLY want, or you’ve been in your career a long time and don’t even know where to begin to make a change.

Plus, the job market is changing, the economy is changing, and the whole process of searching for a job or re-careering can feel overwhelming.

And that’s exactly why we created this program!

Are you unhappy at work or not sure what you want to do when you grow up? We have an entire section about choosing a career you love! You will:

  • Determine your dream career

  • Identify an ideal position based on your talents, passions and personality

  • Improve your position, pay and happiness in your current career

Do you know you want to change or you’re being pushed to consider other options because of changes in your industry? We have an entire section dedicated to how to transition your career. You will:

  • Strategize how to transition to a new career

  • Repurposing your skills

  • Identify how to pivot due to current and future economic and technological change

Are you dreading having to search for a job? This program provides expert career coaching strategies that you can apply to yourself, including a simple step-by-step process for navigating the job search that has been proven to result in offers with the best companies for the best possible pay. You will:

  • Generate referrals using powerful LinkedIn networking strategies

  • Brand yourself and craft your story to get any position

  • Craft a resume that stands out and gets you hired

Not only that but you’ll learn a unique approach for how to land interviews with the best companies and how to win interviewers over that will give you a major advantage over the competition.

And the best part is that you’ll learn how to operate from a place of confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Meet the Instructors: There are 3 instructors in this course.

Adam Mitchell-Hardt is a professional career coach. After working for his share of demoralizing jobs and feeling stuck, Adam decided he was tired of being unhappy at his job and about his future. Despite having success throughout his career in tech sales, he felt a calling for something more. A lifelong student of psychology, personal growth and human potential, Adam applied what he learned about himself with his career coaching skills and launched into his dream career by creating his own career coaching business. Since 2016, Adam has been helping people find new positions or even entirely new careers getting paid to do what they love.

Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy are life coach trainers over 300,000+ students from 195 countries at the time of this recording. Their content is based on their educational background in psychology and education and nearly 2 decades of experience in the fields of life coaching, social services and entrepreneurship, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology and career development instructor, his Master’s Degree in Counseling and research on happiness for his dissertation for a PH.D. in Psychology.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Waste no time landing your dream job and making more money:
  2. Adopt a winning mindset: Manage the highs and lows of a job search by learning how to build confidence while reducing stress and anxiety.
  3. Change your career: determine the role that is the best fit for your talents and personality.
  4. Interview with the best companies: learn how to network into any company that you’re interested in.
  5. Land any role: learn how to adapt your skills and experience to any role that you’re interested in despite what your resume might say.
  6. Beat the competition: gain an unfair advantage over the competition by having a playbook for every aspect of interview preparation.
  7. Get the best possible offer: learn strategies that will make sure that you aren’t leaving any money on the table ones you’ve gotten your offer.