Job Search /Employability Skills Training/ Personal Branding

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Course Description

  • The employment market has changed.

  • The way to find work has changed.

  • Expect to do a job not have a job.

This course is not just focused on job search. It’s also transformational thinking to help you understand and apply the concepts of personal branding to establish yourself as being remarkable, become financially independent and do work that matters.

Your training will be divided into two parts focused on (1) why you need to have a personal brand with multiple streams of income to survive in the new world of work and (2) how to effectively find or change jobs to generate income while you build your brand.

After completing this program, you will be able to go from being a passive job searcher looking for work, to an active seller of what you can offer to help someone make money, save money or solve a problem.

Since most job searchers TELL what they have done instead of SELL what they can do, you’ll discover ways to effectively conduct a job search promoting yourself as talent using your personal brand.

Most information about how to find or change jobs is just focused on the process and offers nothing about how and why you need to establish yourself as talent and have recognizable personal brand.

Get ready to discover why you need to:

  • Understand That “Average Is Over” And Why You Need to Become Remarkable.

  • Realize The Impact of the Internet in Creating Global Competition for Work.

  • Generate Income Security from Multiple Streams Of Income.

  • Be aware of the Latest Techniques and Technology to Find or Change Jobs.

  • Learn How to Prepare a Resume/Cover Letter, Interview for a Job and Effectively Negotiate Your Salary.

This is your opportunity to go from Invisible to Remarkable

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Realize the importance of having a personal brand and how to effectively find and secure a job