Kaizen Practitioner Certification Mastercourse for Beginners

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Course Description

Beginner's Guide- Master course on Kaizen training for continuous improvement, business, project & quality management with Minitab and Excel

How big is Kaizen?

Do you know that almost all FORTUNE 500 companies are using or had used Kaizen during their business growth curve? Be it FORD motor company which survived and recovered the rough times during Great recession of late 2000s, Herman Miller which enjoyed more than 500% increase in productivity and quality in its product and services with Kaizen or even aerospace technology company like Lockheed Martin during development of Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) system, Kaizen has always been in lead role. We also may have heard the stories how Canon and Toyota used Kaizen for improving productivity and quality. It is for this reason that Government sectors of many nations have also been largely interested in implementing this technique to improve public sectors.

What is Kaizen ?

· Kaizen is a japanese term (改善) which means to change and put back together in a better way. Kaizen is an all employee involvement strategy of eliminating the wastes from all the process and bring a culture of continuous improvement using lesser resources.

· In English definition, it means ‘Continuous Improvement’.

What not is Kaizen?

· Kaizen is not an organizational’s 'Get rich quick without effort' scheme. Although Kaizen Blitz helps in quick problem locating and solving, it really needs dedication, knowledge and effort to bring a great change to your personal and organizational growth.

· It’s not a Manager’s only job. Kaizen works best in overall participation.

· It’s not a one-time improvement policy. It’s a continuous improvement approach.

What is in this course for me?

This course is a step by step Kaizen Training platform for beginners and also for future professional Kaizen Practitioner aspirants. You get knowledge, skills and certification as a Kaizen Practitioner. The best part of the course is, it is an step by step approach starting from beginners to an expert level. It also lectures you with the use of MINITAB and EXCEL where necessary even if you have never used these software before. The first ‘Beginner’s level’ deals with introduction of Kaizen, it’s principles and ground rules, Kaizen procedure and benefits. In the intermediate level of difficulty you study about pillars of Kaizen involving lean tools like 5S, MUDA, MURA and MURI and about 8 kinds of wastes. Finally, you study in depth how to perform Kaizen with an organized lean PDCA pathway.

PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act.

In Plan phase of Kaizen, we select a Kaizen project with knowledge of who, when and where to implement Kaizen and also learn to perform the GEMBA walk. We select Key performance indicators and set SMART GOALS for our Kaizen project. Finally, we make an ACTION PLAN for our Kaizen project.

In Do Phase we collect and sample data and analyze the data with Checksheets, Histograms and Scatterplots, Control Charts etc with analysis tools such as Cause and Effect Diagram and Pareto Analysis etc. We will learn performing these analytical tasks using MINITAB and EXCEL.

In Check phase, we develop solutions using Benchmarking and Brainstorming, find the root cause of the problem with RCA (Root Cause Analysis), test the solutions and ensure if the goals are satisfied.

Finally, in the Act Phase, we implement and monitor the countermeasures with a notion of continuous improvement.

How do I really know that I have learned enough?

There are 3 ways to do so inside the course-

· By learning through Case Studies and Simulated Case Studies

· By checking your knowledge through other Quizzes

· By participating in FINAL PRACTICE TEST.

What is so different in this course?

· This course comes with many case studies and simulated case studies in order to explain the practical use of kaizen and its philosophy in real life business environment.

· You also get tutored in using MINITAB and Excel where necessary and it doesn’t need your prior knowledge of using these software tools.

· You can test your knowledge with a lot of quizzes and a final practice test.

· This course is a step by step learning opportunity for complete beginners. It is also helpful for certification as ‘Kaizen Practitioner’.

· You can get your questions answered directly from the instructor of the course on any relevant Kaizen topic.

What’s the safety?

With 30 days money back guarantee you can sit back and relax as you learn. Give it a try because this course will change your organizational improvement knowledge and that’s a person promise from the instructor.

Let’s make it a learning celebration and a skill for lifetime. Welcome to the course!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use Kaizen to improve any business processes continuously
  2. Step by Step approach to eliminate waste and defects in business
  3. Boost organization's and individual's productivity and efficiency
  4. Organized PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT process of solving any business or service problems with Kaizen