Kids & Entertainment: How to Get Your Child Started

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Course Description

This course is for parents who are interested in starting their child's career in the entertainment arts. If you are not sure how to get going or are unfamiliar with how to break your child into the world of paid entertainment, this course is for you. This eCourse includes over 2.5 hours of course content plus 3 bonus modules on how to find self-submit casting sites, create resumes and update casting profiles on industry-standard breakdown sites. You'll also know how to discern if this career path will work for your child AND your family. This video tutorial will help you understand how to obtain representation for your child both locally and in larger markets and includes tips on recording auditions if you don't live in or near a large TV/film market. Not getting results? No problem. I'll show you what to do if your child can't get an agent or book jobs along with how to effectively market your child's skills and abilities.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Choose the right agent for your child based on sector and geography
  2. Discern if your child really has the talent and desire to be an entertainer
  3. Avoid fraudulent services provided by scam artists preying on desperate parents
  4. Help your child deal with audition fatigue and rejection
  5. Know what to do when your child can't get an agent or is not getting booked consistently
  6. Find classes and enriching opportunities to help hone your child's skills in order to be more marketable
  7. Stay on top of important paperwork to make sure your child(ren) can be booked & paid without an issues
  8. Navigate large markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta (hint: you don't have to live there!)
  9. How to advance your child's career without making them vulnerable to "Hollywood Ruin"
  10. Manage money and keep reserves for travel, grooming, lessons, etc.
  11. Know if you really have the time, patience and resilience to promote their child's entertainment career
  12. Set a goal for prominence factor i.e. Do we just want extra college $$$ or is the goal complete fame and stardom?