Killing the Dream-Killers

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Course Description

Why are you here?

What are you doing on this earth? What is your purpose in life? Do you have a hobby or career or job or interest that defines you? If not, then what you are doing about it, if anything? Have you done any self-assessment exercises to determine what you might be good at? And if you have, then why aren't you doing that one thing it told you to do?

You are right here at Point A in your life and you absolutely need and want to get to Point B.

In your personal development, you want to overcome the fear of rejection or failure, shake off regrets, and gain victory over destructive habits. In your career development, you are looking to get a job, get a raise, change careers, earn extra income, or launch your own business. In either case, whether for personal or career reasons, you want to get to your Point B.

Your Point B just might be answering all the questions I just asked.

Why you are not successful

So what’s stopping you from getting the answers you need? In your personal development, you have access to a ton of coaches, counselors, and therapists. It’s not a lack of opportunity, because opportunity abounds; it’s not money, because you can start a business for less than $100; it’s not education, because you can learn anything online these days. So what is it? What is keeping you from moving from Point A, where you are now, to Point B?

It is your dream-killers.

The reason why you are not successful is because of how you are thinking right now. You are not successful because you are believing the lies that dream-killers are saying about you. The problem is that you think that the lie is the truth and so you give up, give in, get out, and get stuck.

Look back to last year, three years, and five years ago at the things you said you were going to do but didn’t do. You probably have some regret that you didn’t do back then what you dreamed of doing, like going back to school, applying for another job, earning extra money, or taking advantage of that perfect business opportunity. If you hadn’t listened to your dream-killers you would be in a better place today. Isn’t that true?

Why don’t you have what you want in life today? Why are you always defeated? Why do you feel that things don’t work out for you? For everyone who is being defeated by their dream-killers, the single problem boils down to what is going on in their mind; it is how they think. Every dream-killer battle is won or lost in your mind first. So you need to start by changing the way you think.

Dream-killers are those voices that tell you it’s not going to work, you’re not good enough, it’s not about you, and they won’t let you. The problem is that you have been believing the lies that dream-killers have been telling you about yourself and your ability to live out your dreams. Every negative habit that you give in to that keeps you from having the successful and fulfilled life that you desire is you choosing to believe the lie dream-killers tell you rather than the truth that is all around you. The truth is, you can do it, you can accomplish your goals and dreams. Tell yourself right now to stop believing the lie.

When you’re searching for fulfillment in the pursuit of your dreams to get to your Point B, all your dream-killers declare war on you to keep you from achieving success. Why? Because it’s easier to stay stuck than it is to reach beyond your comfort zone. That’s why you give up, you delay, you procrastinate, you get busy doing other things…that’s their strategy, dream-killers distract, derail, and defeat you so that you end up living an unfulfilled life.

But not anymore.

Why take this course?

You have goals and dreams that you really want to do, but for whatever reason, you are unable to do it up to now. You lack true passion. You are stuck right here at Point A, and you are looking over there at Point B. This course will help you get to your Point B.

Killing the Dream-Killers is a course that will expose your dream-killers for what they are, give you tactics for killing them, and provide you with portable tools so that you can take that very next step towards your personal development in fulfilling your goals and dreams. This course gives you wings on the journey to know your true passion. The most important thing is taking that very next step.

This course will also go through three case studies so that you can see dream-killing in action. You will also be given practical exercises that you can do yourself, even today, to help you win the battle against the war with your dream-killers.

In addition, this course will have you take on a small project where we list 100 ways that you generate additional income. In this project, you will be given 30 days to use one or more of the income-generating items to earn at least double of what you paid for this course. The project is used as a tool for you to implement the dream-killer strategies that you have learned in this course. That’s the key to break free: you need a jump-start project after you take the course to get you going in the right direction. You do the project to point you towards your journey to finding your true passion.

Don’t be fooled, when you strive to achieve a goal you just declared war on your dream-killers. You are at war, and you need all the tips, tactics, and tools for your daily battle against them.

What you will learn

When you change the way you think, it will change how you feel. When you change how you feel, it will change the way you act. When you change the way you act, it will change your habits. And when you change your habits, you are in the best position to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Real change requires cleaning house, and this means killing the dream-killers, and you do that by learning about and acting upon the truth in that you can really do the things you really want to do. Yes you can.

By the end of this course you will:

· Realize your path on finding your passion.

· Identify the lies that your dream-killers tell you.

· Understand the secret to personal change.

· Have at least 10 tips, tactics, and tools to help you keep moving forward towards your personal and career goals.

· See practical applications of how to work out these strategies in your own life.

· Have a 30-day training in place for you to exercise these strategies for yourself while earning additional income.

When You Enroll You'll Receive:

· Over 4 hours of video instruction.

· Over 12 training activities.

· Over 10 course downloads.

· Download material on how to become more valuable.

· Lifetime access to course materials.

· Lifetime access to course upgrades.

· Free tips, tactics, and tools follow-up materials.

You want a better life now and a better career tomorrow. That’s why you should commit to taking this course. Personal development starts now, and career development is a lifelong process.

Welcome to Dream-Killer School!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to determine your passion based upon 5 key characteristics of achieving the highest level of satisfaction in life.
  2. Clear and usable tactics to keep you from being distracted, derailed, or defeated by those who tell you it's not going to work.
  3. The 4 key principles that will help you keep moving from your Point A to Point B when naysayers say you're not good enough.
  4. The strategies and resources that have proven most effective against those who selfishly use you to get what they want at your expense.
  5. Concrete examples on how to resolve issues from those who use physical and mental control in order to destroy your goals and dreams.
  6. How to become more valuable by adding value to others because adding value is the only way to true success.
  7. What is the #1 most powerful success tool in the world and how to use this tool to achieve your next career goals.
  8. How to use the list of extra income projects to find your passion.