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This course is designed to develop English’s ability in reading and writing through phonics method. Through funny, engaging and native-accent sounds, this course will develop phonemic awareness, vocabulary and simple sentence structures for children.

The course includes 40 units, 206 lectures covering  all levels of phonics:

  • Alphabets

  • Short and long vowels

  • Consonants and consonant blends

Besides engaging video lectures, the course also provides worksheets after each unit for the student to practice writing.

After the course, students will:

  • Absorb large amount of vocabulary

  • Read and write

  • Use vocabulary flexibly

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course is designed to improve children’ s reading and writing skills.
  2. With phonics method, this course will develop phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes and the spelling patterns to represent them.
  3. This course will cover from beginner to advanced level. Children will learn alphabets, vowels, consonants and blended sounds.