Landing A Technology Job or Internship

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Course Description

The interview is your gateway to a job and/or career. Interviews are your ONE chance to: (1) Explain how your past experiences have prepared you for the job; (2) Explain the value you can provide to the organization, and; (3) Explain why YOU are the best candidate for the position. Interviewing is something that doesn't come naturally to most, but I believe it can be mastered through knowledge & practice. In this course, I will walk you through what you need to know to be at your best and will provide examples of great (and not so great) resumes, cover letters, and interviews that focus on tech careers. I have created this course because I deeply care that every candidate deserves the opportunity to show off his or her best attributes in a technical screen or interview.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Match your skills to a potential job or company
  2. Create a 1-page resume
  3. Tailor a resume and cover letter for a job description
  4. Read and understand a job description
  5. Prepare for the interview effectively
  6. Understand supplemental interview techniques like code challenges and case studies
  7. Master post-interview protocols
  8. Handle job offers and rejection like a professional
  9. Learn tips to stand out from other applicants