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This course covers the very first step of learning the Latin language.  It explains noun declension (1st through 5th) and explains the basic functions of the five Latin cases (Nominative, genitive, dative, accusative and ablative).  It covers basic sentence structure, syntax and grammar.  It explores subject verb agreements, genders of nouns and the conjugation of the linking verb ESSE (to be).  

The course requires the students to have access to Henle Latin First Year (paperback or digital) as well as the reference grammar book (paperback or digital).  The acquisition of “Looking at Latin” can be helpful but not necessary.

This first quarter should take about ten (10) weeks to complete.  The work includes the study of the lectures (videos), the memorization work (vocabulary, declension, conjugation and grammar rules) and the written work (exercises).

Once this course is completed, the logical step is to sign up for Latin I, Second Quarter.  Be aware that Henle, Latin First Year is covered in Latin I and Latin II.  Latin II is already available and Latin III as well.

This course if taken seriously will give you a very solid foundation in the language of Caesar and Cicero.  And it might actually fulfill some homeschooling requirement for High School foreign language credits.

Bonam Fortunam! (Good Luck!)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the concept of declension
  2. Recite the first five declensions of nouns
  3. Understand the function governed by each case