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Do you currently dance a certain style but feel tired or bored with the monotony of steps and moves you take? Or maybe you have always wanted to learn how to partner dance, but have been overwhelmed with counting steps or memorizing complicated moves?

I believe you can feel ease, comfort, and filled with variety within your partner dance today—you do not have to go through months or years of lessons to be a fluid, fluent dancer. By learning more about your body, how you relate to your environment, and the expansive array of human contact points possible beyond touch, you will gain a new awareness of how to lead, follow, and have a conversational dance flow. The concept of flow in this course is used to describe the practice of dancing with a steady stream of mindfulness and without prescribed patterns, steps, moves, or specified partner roles.

When you gift someone your focused attention and presence, your partnership is filled with freedom and exhilaration. Exploring the rapture of conscious human connection liberates you from the historical, gender-based social roles of command and compliance. Leading and following become actions that anyone can take at any time during a dance together—not roles that define who you are or what you can do.

With this mindset of leading and following being actions rather than roles, coupled movement will intuitively flow in celebration of the shared moment—neither partner will have to remember a single step or try to fit into a particular box. Exploring the universal language of dance allows you to listen and respond to partners within an authentic, interpersonal dialog. When you acutely tune into your comprehensive portfolio of human senses, you find insight into your emotions, desires, primal needs, and limitless human connection potential.

Many of the concepts that you will discover in this course can be applied far beyond the dance floor into your everyday family and social lives. Connecting with a partner through movement opens up new possibilities for how you can relate and interact within your community. You will gain essential skills to lead with empowerment, follow with greater attention to detail, and switch actions with ease. You will explore a rainbow of creative movement tools with which to broaden your physical musicality. You will discover both solo and partner dance expressions while moving free of strict stylistic rules and self-judgment.

We will spend about four hours together over 25 lessons. You will also have the opportunity during the course to download a copy of my book, Lead Follow Flow, to help expand your dance experience. On top of that, you’ll have two opportunities to remotely interact with me one-on-one to get the most personalized online course possible. I believe you will dance away from this experience with the ability to feel confident and at ease in any social setting. Shall we dance?

Expected Outcomes

  1. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or wanting to learn partner dance fundamentals for the first time, you will gain a heightened awareness of how to lead with attention to detail, follow through acute listening, and flow within a kinesthetic conversation both on and off the dance floor.
  2. Explore new possibilities of balanced connection, framing, and personal expression.
  3. Quickly learn how to dance with ease to any style of music you enjoy.