Learn 3D Illusion Art From Scratch - Basic Course

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Course Description

If you want to learn something exciting in art then you are at right place to learn unique concept of 3d illusion art. This course consists detailed learning of different types of 3d illusions step by step. How to draw objects with different perspective , how to color , blend and merge to make realistic objects , how to decide and make proper shadow and how to create 3d illusions.

All information regarding use of different media of colors, pencils and tools required to create 3d illusions. Detailed explanation for use of different techniques to make realistic objects and illusions.

Tips and tricks for improving drawing, shading and 3d illusion skill.

Step by step learning of different types of 3d illusions like how to make illusions on paper, on walls, on floors and body .

Sharing of entire knowledge with all hidden secrets behind theory of 3d illusions.

After completing course with some practice, you can be skilled 3d artist which will be very helpful to make your career in art, add competency in your existing course with handsome earning.

Main thing is you will enjoy this 3d art as it is fun. Creating illusion and interacting with it with photos, you will find many more followers on social media .

This course is designed to practice creativity using just your hands, brain, and some basic tools and techniques to refresh and sharpen your skill in 3d art.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understanding World of 3D Illusion Art - Learning to create multiple types of 3d illusions with step by step detailed and easy methods.
  2. Different types of 3d illusions which can be made on paper, wall, floor and body with use of different media of colors .
  3. Learning secret blending, merging and shadow techniques.
  4. Creating lifelike objects with hyper realism and creating illusions.
  5. Learning of different tools by which you can create unique effect to make realistic objects and getting smooth finish in drawing
  6. Tips and tricks to improve your drawing and shading skill.
  7. something you've always wanted to learn how to do but you don't know where to start.