Learn Advanced Excel VBA for Automation

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Course Description

I am not a Programmer. Why should I learn Excel VBA Macros?

Firstly, you don't need to be an Excel Guru to take this course, just average Excel skills will do. It's adjusted for first-time users. Secondly, it will benefit you in automating your Excel VBA work. It saves time and improves efficiency.

But I have heard from colleagues that it takes a lot of time (weeks and months) to actually implement the solutions and benefit from it.

This is what one of our students had to say in context of this-

“I am new to Excel Macros and your index page macro has helped me want to learn more about Excel VBA. I know you didn’t write the macro, but the technique of copy and paste into excel and then adjusting to accommodate the excel macro has helped me a lot.” Dave Wilson, Saint Helens, United Kingdom


Here’s the level of the course:

Easy to learn and Apply

  • Record and run basic macros
  • How to use macros without programming (Hint: Google search)
  • Define Object, Properties, and Methods
  • Use Range Navigation, Referencing and Variable Declaration

Intermediate Skills:
Able to implement techniques at work

  • Using Loops
  • Optimizing Code Efficiency
  • Using Event tracking
  • Creating Userforms
  • Recording Macro button

Advanced Skills:
Ninja-level Skills

  • Creating User-defined functions
  • Mini Projects: Split, Protect-Unprotect, Automate Comment Extraction
  • Final Project: Corporate Travel planning Project (involves: advanced user forms and Email Automation)


Your Question - Why should I take this course on Excel VBA Macros?

Unlike text-book approach, these videos quickly explain the super essentials and actionable steps to get started with Macros - practically. You will learn:

  • Essential pre-requisite Settings (Developer tab, Security, File extension etc.)
  • Head (start) and Tail (end) of a Macro code for easy identification
  • Understanding the nut and bolts of the workspace and key-buttons.
  • Record and ways to Run a Macro; Viewing the code
  • Understanding the VBA workspace - VB Editor, Project Explorer, Properties Window, Module etc.
  • Personal Excel VBA Macro Workbook

A beginner, as well as an advanced user of VBA Macros, must know a specific trick to locate relevant Macro codes through Google search. You will learn:

  • A special trick to using Google to locate VBA codes relevant to your work
  • Custom edit the code using record technique and VB Editor

We have lectures with duration 6.5 hr in this course.


“I thought you knew me - You solved the exact problem which I face at my office in your course” by Rajesh Dhoot, India, ex-Sr. Manager, Finance and Accounts, Ultratech Cements – An Aditya Birla Group Co.


Your Question – So will I learn Loops, User Forms & Validations?

Our Response – Yes. This course covers all Excel VBA Macros techniques in VBA and ways to use them without Programming Know How.


Important information before you join:

  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I'll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.
  • Guided practice – Workbooks included for immediate practice
  • Access to all videos 24 x 7 - learn online from anywhere
  • A 30-day money back guarantee (we want you to be 100% satisfied)


If you have read this far, next action is JOINING this course. Invest few hrs to lead your career with zero programming know how.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to automate Advanced Excel Macros in daily routine
  2. Learn how to put Excel on AUTOPILOT
  3. Will be able to take Excel Automation tasks for self as well as client
  4. Automate your work and the work for others
  5. Learn how to record and run Excel Macros in detail
  6. Learn to use Google search to automate your tasks without coding
  7. Learn OBJECTS, PROPERTIES & METHODS in Excel Macros
  8. Learn to Color the code and Activating Edit Toolbar with Comments in Excel VBA Programming
  9. Understand RANGE & CELLS OBJECT in Excel VBA Macros
  10. Learn ABSOLUTE vs RELATIVE REFERENCE in Excel VBA Programming
  11. Learn RANGE NAVIGATION in Excel Macros
  12. Learn Variable Declaration in Excel VBA Programming
  13. Learn how to Loop in Excel VBA
  15. Learn what is Events in Excel Macros
  16. Learn how to make Input Box and Message Box in Excel VBA Programming
  17. Learn how to Insert button under Developer Tab
  18. Learn how to make User Form in Excel VBA
  19. Learn what is UDF in Excel VBA Programming
  20. Won’t waste time in manipulating and repetitive formatting
  21. Use my excel file to send emails automatically (basically communicate with different tools)
  22. Make use of custom functions that can be run from things like a button on a spreadsheet, the Excel Ribbon