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This course will cover all the basics for alkene properties and synthesis techniques. It is intended to be one of several affordable micro 1st semester organic chemistry courses. You will learn how to execute alkene (double bond) problems with ease and confidence. What you will get from this course:

– Improved grades in your class

– Lifetime access to tutorial videos on all alkene subjects including: naming, stability, stereochemistry, and all mechanisms and synthesis techniques learned in Organic Chemistry I.

– The ability to ask your own organic chemistry questions to the instructor with personalized feedback. I am an experienced university teacher and you can search for me on rate my professor using the name: Matthew Tomney.

– Video walk-through of solved problem sessions for your own practice and review.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Complete alkene synthesis questions with proper stereochemistry and regiochemistry
  2. Understand and complete essential alkene mechanisms (arrow flow) vital to first semester organic chemistry.
  3. Understand Markovnikov additions, syn and anti additions, along with carbocation stability
  4. Easily answer organic chemistry homework, quiz, and test questions related to alkenes