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This course shall cover the basics of Discrete Time Signals and Systems. It shall also cover Z Transform & Inverse ZT, Digital IIR & FIR filter designing & their structures. The course shall be enriched with solved numerical and practice assignments. Students will be able to understand the concept of DSP and can explore its application in real time. The knowledge gained from here would be helpful in obtaining requisite credits in their UG program & also score well in competitive exams.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Discrete Time Signals & Systems, Manipulations on Discrete Time Signals & Systems
  2. LTI System, Impulse Response
  3. Z Transform, Inverse ZT, Properties of ZT, Region of Convergence
  4. Convolution & Correlation
  5. Discrete Fourier Transform, DFT properties, (Discrete Time Fourier Transform DTFT)
  6. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) using DIT and DIF Algorithm
  7. Design of Digital IIR Filters | Impulse invariant & Bilinear Transformation
  8. Butterworth & Chebyshev Filter design
  9. Digital Filter Structures – IIR & FIR | Direct, Cascade, Parallel, Lattice Structures
  10. Design of Digital FIR Filters | Window Technique
  11. Linear Phase FIR Filters
  12. Frequency Sampling Method | FIR Filter Design
  13. Optimum Filters
  14. Finite word length effects