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What will be the biggest change in your life once you become a learned and a confident singer?

– Will it be recording your songs and posting them on social media to be see by thousands of people?

– Will it be jamming with your friends in a studio on a quite Sunday morning?

– Will it be being a star at the friend’s birthday party’s karaoke night?

– Or will it just be more appreciation of music that will help you listen better?

I can tell you from my experience that all of the above will be possible!

These online classes are specifically designed for you – who have limited access to singing coaches and tools – to go from being a novice to an absolute star performer.

After my first course teaching the basics of Hindustani Classical Music, I equip you with deeper knowledge in Hindustani Classical which would improve your hold on Sur & Taal as well make you more confident in singing Bollywood songs.

These lessons, spread over 8 sessions, are conceptualised to teach Hindustani Sangeet in a fun, logical and professional way, so you can feel the difference in your ability to singing within just a few weeks.

I can’t wait to greet you inside, and one day, hopefully, perform with you in one of my concerts 😉 Hop in!

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn Swarmaalika and Bhajan in Raag Bhupali
  2. You will learn Swarmaalika and Bandish (with Taan & Sargam) in Raag Yaman
  3. You will learn Taals like Keharva Taal as well as Teen Taal.
  4. You will improve your knowledge in Sur & Taal
  5. You will learn Bollywood songs like Tujhe Kitna Chahne, Ajeeb Dastan
  6. You will learn semi-classical songs like Ghar More Pardesiya and all its Sargams