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Learn how to bake nutritional, delicious whole wheat bread using Natural Yeast Starter! As well as several other recipes including cake, cookies, tortilla shells and more.

You will need a standing mixer, hand mixer, and the desire to provide the best, most nutritional foods for you and your loved ones.

Within a little over an hour of lecture time you will learn many different skills including making bread and other amazing foods, you will learn about Natural Yeast and its Benefits, and you will learn a little about some of the other ingredients used in these recipes, like honey and coconut oil.

I am of the opinion that everyone can learn to make bread and reap the benefits of having extremely nutritional bread that you can feel good about putting in your body. You can’t buy it from the store so lets learn how to make it!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Bake the most nutritional delicious breads, waffles, cake and cookies, and more!
  2. Have a basic understanding of what Natural Yeast is and know how to care for one.