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This is not a programming course.

This course is created for aspiring web entrepreneurs and non-tech professionals willing to get started with designing and managing a website for their online business and internet marketing purpose.

“Learn How to Design and Manage a Website in 21 Days”– is an ultimate guide for developing start up prototypes, blogs, business websites and e-commerce stores.

It is not just a course about common details; in fact it is a complete guide for learning full stack website design from scratch. The course provides all the necessary details and tutorials about setting up a website, ranging from the basic HTML and CSS webpage to hosting a domain to managing and backing up the files.

It is a very fruitful guide for the beginners as it provides the pictorial guidance including lecture notes, snapshots and screen cast video tutorials. It also provides one year of free web hosting and a virtual mentor program to help resolve issues and provide complete guidance and support to the developers.

This is the course for you if you ever wanted to learn what it takes to set up or manage a business website, start an e-commerce store, blog or make money online – It is the Ultimate DIY guide to website design and management for business owners and aspiring web entrepreneurs

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Expected Outcomes

  1. At the end of this course, you will be able:
  2. To Create A Webpage From Scratch Using HTML and CSS.
  3. To Register A Domain Address And Host On A Different Server
  4. To Upload and Manage Web Files on your Hosting Server Using cPanel
  5. To Create And Manage a Professional Web Based Email Accounts.
  6. To Set-Up a Content Management System such as Wordpress.
  7. To Set Up an E-Commerce and Classified websites
  8. To Back Up your Website Files and Emails.
  9. To Optimize your website on Search Engines (SEO)
  10. And much more….