Learn How to Move a Wordpress Website

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Course Description

With standard HTML sites, moving from one webhost to another, or from one domain to another was simple. Copy and paste the files.

WIth Wordpress, things are a little more complicated. Wordpress is a script, that stores your web content (web pages) in a database. Moving a Wordpress website requires not only moving the Wordpress script files from one place to another, but also a database. And you are not finished there. Even after moving both of these, your site won't work. You need to get the Wordpress script talking to the database.

This course will take you step-by-step through the process of manually moving a Wordpress website, but also show you automated ways of doing this, without much technical know-how. I'll use real sites that I own to demonstrate the entire process. You can follow along, watching over-my-shoulder and repeating the steps yourself as you move your own site.

Apart from the obvious web hosting and Wordpress site that needs moving, everything else you need is entirely free.

This course will show you:

  1. The main reasons why a move is necessary.

  2. An overview of the steps involved, followed by a detailed step-by-step series of video tutorials showing the entire process.

  3. How to move the Wordpress script files from one domain (and/or webhost) to another.

  4. You'll also copy the Wordpress database from one site, and import it into another. The copying process with replace references to the domain name (and server locations) of the site you are moving, with the domain and location of the site you are moving it to.

  5. How to edit the Wordpress configuration file to get your Wordpress script and database talking together.

  6. How to create redirects so that your old website automatically redirects visitors to the new site when they try to land on a webpage.

  7. How to check to make sure the site move was successful.

The course will also cover a couple of plugins that can automate the move of a WordPress website from one web host to another.

This course is a complete step-by-step guide to moving your Wordpress website from one domain to another, and/or one web host to another.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Move a Wordpress website from one domain and/or web host, to another.
  2. Know various reasons why you need to move a website from one domain or host to another.
  3. Understand the main steps involved in the move.
  4. Install Wordpress on a web host using automated installers.
  5. Download Wordpress script files from one website and upload them to another.
  6. Download the Wordpress Database from one website and import them into another.
  7. Use a text editor to edit the wp-config.php file, allowing Wordpress to communicate with a database.
  8. Setup redirects in an htaccess file so that one website will redirect automatically to another, preserving web page rankings as far as possible.
  9. Know what to check on the new website to make sure the move was 100% successful.
  10. Know two free WordPress plugins that can move your site from one web host to another.