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The course is for advance programmers who already know the basic iOS programming. It is the most advance iOS course on the web and we cover the most difficult of the APIs by picking concepts hidden in the iOS development manuals. We have work hard to create lectures which break down the seemingly complex topics in easy to understand modules and can be easily assimilated by the student. In this unique offering we bring together both the iPad Development and the other iOS APIs together in a course and after completing it there will be nothing you cannot develop on iOS. You will start with advance concepts of Objective C and it will be followed by sections on NSOperation, Grand Central Dispatch, Motion Sensors, Animation and OpenGL ES. If you are new to iOS you can try our beginners course here

Those who are already know the basic concepts can get started with the real deal.


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Expected Outcomes

  1. To Learn iPad Programming
  2. To study and understand advance objective C concepts
  3. To learn APIs like Motion Sensors and Location Sensors
  4. To master openGL-ES