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Hello! 안녕하세요!!

My name is Poh (다슬) and I will be your guide through the secrets of the Korean language. Welcome to the full starter kit of the Korean language for total beginners!

This course is for you if:

– You are a complete beginner and don’t know any Korean at all

– You want speak like a native Korean

– You want short and straight to the point lessons

– You need a lot of exercises, repetition and motivation to stay on track

– You want it to be fun!

How does it work?

This course is constructed like my one-on-one beginner Korean lessons I usually have with my students in real life. There are 4 units, most of them being 5~10 minutes. Everything is split up into bite-size pieces.

You get a lot of useful vocabulary, example sentences, real-life dialogue and grammar delivered in an easy to understand and not too overwhelming way.

What will you learn?

– Korean Alphabets (Hangul)

– Korean sentence structure

– How to introduce yourself and meet and greet people

– Basic Sentences

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me before buying!

See you in the course! 🙂

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to speak and write Korean and have fun while doing so
  2. Proper pronunciation in Korean
  3. Sentence structure and Basic conversation