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This course assumes no previous LaTex knowledge and builds your LaTex skills from the ground up. The course is divided up into a number of different sections that go from including basic lists and figures to using more advanced Thesis and Presentation templates. We will even create our own graphics in LaTex using the Tikz package and creating our own presentations using the Beamer package.

What will you learn?

  • How to create a document in LaTex

  • Document spacing and formatting principles

  • How to cite other papers and build a bibliography

  • How to include figures, plots and tables in a LaTex document

  • How to include and reference mathematics and algorithms in LaTex

  • How to use Tikz to draw figures in LaTex

  • How to create presentations in LaTex using Beamer

  • Formatting tips to make your documents stand out

About the instructor:

  • Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer

  • 10+ years experience using LaTex

  • PhD in Computer Science focusing on Machine Learning

Expected Outcomes

  1. Install LaTex and a writing environment to create Latex documents
  2. Insert Tables, Figures and Plots into a LaTex document with a range of formatting options
  3. Create figures using the Tikz library
  4. Create professional LaTex presentations using Beamer
  5. Learn citations and how to build a bibliography
  6. Use a LaTex template to create impressive documents for their Master’s or PhD thesis
  7. 3.5 hours of high quality video content
  8. Great support, I will try to answer any questions