Learn Posting Change Process in SAP Warehouse Management

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Course Description

SAP WM Warehouse Management - Welcome to this training course presentation of the SAP Warehouse Management - Posting Change Process in SAP WM.

Taking this WM course will help you with everything you need to start your career in working with SAP Purchasing , Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and many other important areas of any Business.

Overview of the course:

This course will help you to understand the complete flow of Posting Changet Process in SAP WM.

This course is structured in the following areas:-

1. Introduction

2. Process Flow

3. Conclusion

This course consists of detailed presentation along with the Live Videos demonstration of the course content.

Anyone who wants to understand the concept of Posting Change process in SAP WM, he should opt for this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the Posting Change Process in SAP Warehouse Management
  2. Understand about the SAP Tables involved in the process of Posting Change in SAP WM.