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This course contains 42 GCSE Maths Higher level past paper questions and model answers.

– The questions are based on actual questions from GCSE Maths papers in June 2012 and June 2013.

– The model answers are detailed and easy-to-understand plus all the working out is shown. They show you the A* way to answer the questions.

With the school system being the way it is, knowing maths well is not enough if you want to succeed. Many able students mess up their exam. Don't that let be you. These days academic achievement is all about the exam. It's about proving what you know – not during the course – but on the day of the exam.

– So the best way to prepare is to study model answers to past paper questions, which is what this course provides.

The course is organised into two sections:

– Paper 1 contains model answers to a selection of questions from Paper 1 in June 2012 and 2013 (3 hours).

– Paper 2 contains model answers to a selection of questions from Paper 2 in June 2012 and 2013 (2.5 hours).

Expected Outcomes

  1. Know the A* way to answer GCSE Maths exam questions
  2. Know how to read exam questions properly and understand precisely what is being asked for
  3. Know how to come up with the correct answers and how to show the working out
  4. Know the mathematical thinking skills and answering techniques needed to answer the questions perfectly
  5. Gain the confidence that you can answer GCSE maths exam questions in a way that will get you maximum marks