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In this course you’ll learn five popular sweet and savoury Nigerian snacks that are perfect for sharing.

Nigeria’s rich snack culture is undeniable and these recipes provide an excellent introduction to some of the most popular ones. Many of the ingredients are easy to source from any supermarket. For ingredients such as beans flour and yam, you will need to visit an African food shop or look into ordering online from African food retailers.

Each recipe has its own dedicated video, so you can choose to cook the snacks in any order. I highly recommend that you watch each video all the way through for the first time, making a not of the ingredients and the equipment you will need to make the snack. Afterwards, you can cook along in real time, pausing and playing the video where required.

The snacks featured in this course include: Akara, Chin Chin, Kuli-Kuli, Puff Puff, and Yamarita. They are all crowd-pleasers, often served at parties and special occasions, but also made and sold as on-the-go street food snacks. Learning to make them for yourself at home is a game-changer. For fellow Nigerians, the snacks will no doubt be nostalgic. For those new to Nigerian cuisines or these recipes in particular, this is a great way to learn a bit about our snack traditions.

Happy cooking!

Tomi (a.k.a. The Vegan Nigerian)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Five traditional Nigerian snack recipes