Learn to play the blues harmonica classic Spokey Dokey now!

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Course Description

Cowboy Bebop anime soundtrack with guitar from passionate Japanese harp man Ryuichiro 'Weeping Harp' Senoh.

He is no longer with us but his widow Kikue Senoh has kindly given me permission to make a public course and use his music from the Youtube movie recordings.

Her site for him is here sites dot google dot com slash view slash skikue slash

Many people listened to the performances of Ryuichiro Senoh (Weeping Harp Senoh) who died in 2017.

Ryuichiro and (I think)Nubuo Yagi played harp for the band "The Seatbelts", a group put together for the

Cowboy Bebop series of anime (Japanese animation).

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to play Weeping Harp Senoh's classic Spokey Dokey
  2. Learn about all the techniques he uses
  3. Learn how to use 'Transcribe!' and harp tab transcriptions