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With this course you will be given the tools to learn how to teach skateboarding. You will learn the basic Teaching Model which serves as your class outline from introduction to review, you will learn how to break down each skill into three easy to understand steps and how to clearly communicate those steps to your students. You will learn how to manage your class effectively and safely. You will learn about what makes for a great teacher so you can become one as well. Live sessions will give you a chance to practice teaching each of the steps. You will be given quizzes throughout the course to reinforce your learning. You will become certified when you pass 80% in each category of a written test based on lectures, a skills test where you send in a video of the 8 moves and a 15 minute video of you teaching three students/friends, how to perform a particular move (such as a manual).

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of this course you will learn how to teach skateboarding whether to a brand new student or to someone with more advanced skills. You will learn the proper introduction for any class, the four fundamentals of movement that when combined create every move, The Teaching Model which sets you up for success no matter which move you are teaching, how to give proper feedback, what the different learning styles are so you can tailor each lesson to your audience, you will learn where to stand in the classroom for safety and learning, safety techniques to keep your students on the board, and how to end the lessons insuring your students will not only want to come back but will do the ‘homework’ you suggest. You will feel confident that you have all the tools you need to start teaching skateboarding for love and/or money.