Learn to Write Chinese in 3 Minutes a Day

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Course Description

In this class you'll learn how to write Chinese and easily remember Chinese characters. Learn to write in Chinese fast with my fun methods! This course includes the basics of Chinese writing and 150 characters from HSK 1 which every student of Chinese must know. Go from beginner to having confidence as soon as possible.

Learn Chinese in just 3 mins a day without getting confused.

Each lesson in this class is 3 mins or less and you can do one a day if you wish or more if you are determined!

  • Learn the Pinyin and Characters together for maximum efficiency

  • Will go through all the foundations you need to know to pass the writing section in HSK exam

  • Each Chinese writing lesson in this class is split up into 3 easy to follow sections

  • Learn the fun stories behind the characters

There will be a class project for you to complete so you can see your progress and apply your skills. You can quickly memorise the characters and completing the class projects will prove this!

You can follow along with peace of mind knowing that everything that is essential will be covered.

All you need is a pen and paper. This is not traditional Chinese calligraphy, anyone can do it. Let's begin and get writing Chinese!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Students of Chinese Mandarin wanting to learn an easy way to write and remember Chinese Characters
  • Students learning Chinese who are taking the HSK exam
  • Beginners learning Chinese who don't have time to write out characters 1000's of times
  • Anyone learning Chinese as a hobby wanting to find a logical way to remember the characters

Course content

8 sections • 45 lectures • 1h 15m total length