Learn to Write Fiction That Sells

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Course Description

Learn to create stories that sell, not half-finished drafts you slog through only to receive yet another rejection letter.

From inspiration to final product, this course teaches the habits needed to become a productive working writer in the competitive short fiction market. Learn techniques to hone your craft, strengthen your storytelling skills, and create stories that catch an editor's eye, stand out from the slush pile, and ultimately, lead to sales.

What This Course Will Cover

  • Writing a short story from inspiration to final draft
  • The fundamentals of story structure
  • How to apply story structure to your own writing
  • Generate new fiction from regular writing prompts
  • The essentials of manuscript critique
  • An introduction to content, line, and copy editing
  • Give and receive peer feedback in a closed, safe environment
  • Learn which feedback to take and which to ignore
  • Instruction on proper manuscript format
  • How to find the right market for your story using market submission tools
  • How to submit your manuscript to an editor
  • Cover and query letter essentials
  • Hardware, software, and writing resource recommendations
  • Tips & strategies to enhance your writing life
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write a short story from inspiration to first draft
  2. Understand the fundamentals of story structure
  3. Apply story structure to their own fiction
  4. Give and receive a professional manuscript critique
  5. Understand the basics of content, line, and copy-editing
  6. Learn which feedback to take, how to incorporate it, and which feedback to ignore
  7. Cover & query letter essentials
  8. Use leading market submission software and websites to find the right market for their fiction