Learn Vedic Astrology Part 5

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Course Description

This course dives deep into the psychology of grahas that reveal our "Samskaras" (engrained perceptions) and deep belief systems relative to how we perceive "Love Matters". This course is NOT going to tell you when you will be married because that involves a study of Gochara (Transits) and the D-9 Navamsha (the 9th Harmonic Subdivisional chart).

If you would like to be in a better position to analyze your clients, family, or friends when they are already in, or struggling in an existing relationship (or single and just want to get to know yourself better), then this course if for you. You will gain incredible insights into the 'workings of the mind' all relative to relationship matters.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will learn which Houses should be analyzed in Lifetime Themes Guidelines and a series of "Love Matter" performas to show the psyche of the person in relation to how they 'feel' about love matters.
  2. Disclaimer: Students will NOT learn about marriage timing (i.e. "When will I get married?").