Learning 2 Master: Learning strategies of the masters

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Course Description

Here you will learn how to master any domain. We break down the learning process and explore the underlying concepts and mechanisms. We will explore the tools, techniques & strategies of the master. In any domain, they will enable you to develop your talent from an absolute novice to a master and still keep improving yourself.

Whether it is getting out of bed in the morning and taking your first steps or finding your motivation or the next gear after decades of practice, this course gives you the tools needed.

When mastering complex subjects, we need to simplify things and master the tools. This course simplifies and provides a clear and concise coverage of the tools - the key concepts, science and practices. There are lots of illustration videos that help understand the big picture.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn to master any subject or skill
  2. Learning strategies to develop your talent - Transferable learning skills
  3. What learning tool to use at the right time to develop talent & learn and master skills
  4. Practices such as First Principles Thinking, Deliberate Practice, Cognitive biases and many more
  5. Learn how the masters did it
  6. Build good learning tools from the ground up
  7. Understand and remember more, perfect your craft