Learning PowerPoint 2016

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Course Description

This course walks you through, step-by-step, all the processes and features to create and present a professional Presentation with confidence.

By the end of this course, you will have mastered:

  • Navigating the PowerPoint screen, Tabs and Contextual Tabs
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating a new Presentation from various types of templates - Blank, Microsoft and Personal
  • Printing Presentations, including Notes and Handouts
  • Saving Presentations, including embedding Fonts and removing Metadata
  • Exporting Presentations, including-
    • Exporting as PDF
    • Packaging for CD
    • Creating Video
    • Creating Custom Word Handouts
    • Changing File Type
  • Working with Slide Master, including
    • Adding Themes, Backgrounds, Fonts
    • Working with Placeholders
    • Adding and Manipulating Page Numbers and Footers
    • Saving Templates
    • Pinning Templates to Taskbar
  • Inserting Slides from
    • Blank Slides
    • Another Presentation
    • Word Outline
  • Moving Slides
  • Deleting Slides
  • Adding and Manipulating the following Content
    • Text
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Charts
    • SmartArt
  • ** NEW ** Creating Custom Bullets, including
    • Bullet Size
    • Bullet Color
    • Customizing with another Symbol
    • Customizing with a Picture
  • Working with Animation, including
    • Applying
    • Triggering
    • Setting Play Order
  • ** NEW ** Working with Motion Path Animation, Including
    • Adding a Motion Path to an Object
    • Editing a Motion Path
    • Deleting a Motion Path
    • Using Advanced Motion Paths
  • Working with Transitions, including
    • Adding
    • Setting Options
    • Setting Timings
    • Removing
  • Working with Speaker Notes, including
    • Creating
    • Printing
    • Using Presenter View
  • Creating a Self-Running Presentation, including
    • Setting Up
    • Recording
    • Previewing

The modules include step-by-step instructions and sample presentations and files so you can follow along. The course is structured so that each modules builds upon the previous module until, upon completion, you have a sample presentation for recording.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create custom, polished presentations like a professional.