Learning To Fly an Airplane: Beginner

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Course Description

This is a course to learn to fly an airplane, using the same lessons given in a flight school, where every pilot starts their journey to becoming a pilot. During the course, you are expected to perform the skills and practice maneuvers after examples are given. You are also given the option to upload your flight videos for the instructor to comment. You will be expected to buy a flight stick (joystick) or flight yoke and Flight Simulator X or 2004 to be able to practice the skills for flying an airplane.

Everything from startup checklists, taxi to the active runway, maneuvers in the air and land without crashing is covered. At the end, a PC Pilot Solo Certificate is issued by the Instructor. There are two follow-on courses after this, Intermediate and Advanced, where you will get your PC Pilot Certificate.

Skills learned here can be used to accelerate your real pilot training progress.

Expected Outcomes

  1. fly any airplane from every aspect of managing an airplane taught in flight schools.