Leave That Life

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Course Description

Why Mexico? Mexico is just like the US in many areas! I have everything you can think of here in Mexico City and much, much more. If you can make dollars and turn them into pesos the sky is the limit! Only barrier here is the language, but with language classes and plenty of practice and studying you can become fluent in no time. I am treated with respect and courtesy here and my skin color is not a barrier to anything that I do. Mexico is my new home.

How can I help you? I want to help you get out of the "matrix" of the country you live in and live a healthy and fulfilled life. You DO NOT have to suffer day in and day out anymore. Don't let your country's propaganda scare you away from living the best life you can live! I can help you make that transition without any problems. From obtaining your passport, finding a place to live, figuring out how you will get by in your new country, staying there permanently...I can help you every step of the way.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Obtain helpful and key information on moving abroad
  2. Navigate the relocation process to live overseas