Lenormand Cards Grand Tableau (GT) - Game of Hope Techniques

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Course Description

Embrace the opportunity to explore the grass roots of Lenormand and the Game of Hope. Not only will you receive original translations of the German Instructions, you will also gain an insight into the techniques that live on in Germany today.

The Game of Hope is the roots of the Lenormand system, in this workshop we are going to visit the instructions that are held by the British Museum (ca.1800-1850) and learn how these can influence our favourite Lenormand Deck using early techniques.

These techniques have been learned from generations of German Readers who trace the system back to the Game of Hope and who stick very closely to the techniques of the 19th Century!

Not only will we be discovering meanings for our cards that highlight their roots but we will also be learning the method of directions that was originally used in Germany and is still very much alive today!

Take a step back in time and respect the origins of the Lenormand System.

Learn how to:

  • Use the Game of Hope Instructions

  • Interpret a full GT

  • Learn Near / Far meanings

  • Learn techniques to help you nail a GT subject

  • Delve into techniques that are not taught elsewhere to be the best GT reader possible!

    Students receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the Examination.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to read a Lenormand GT using Game of Hope Techniques - LEVEL 6
  2. The Game of Hope Instructions and how to play
  3. Lenormand Instructions ca. 1850 and how to apply
  4. How to apply the near / far techniques
  5. Understand the GT Placements
  6. How to read the cards touching the Significator
  7. How to find out what the subject of a GT is
  8. How to read a Lenormand GT like a Boss!