Let's Paint Childhood Memories

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Course Description

I know we live in a world where photographs are taken so easily by mobile phones now and sometimes instantly forgotten. But what if you want to show your family and friends a more intimate view of your childhood, one that shows what you were doing when the camera wasn't there, one that captures growing up and playing with friends, I'm sure your family would treasure this more than a photo album. In this course I will show you how to paint little sketches of scenes you remember but have no photos to show. You can then put them in a book or on a slideshow to share. As you go along your mind will be jogged with memories you had forgotten and you will want to sketch these out for your book. And now you have a valuable set of sketches that will tell your story better than a photo could ever do. I have painted over a hundred sketches from my childhood and still continue to add more as I remember them. As well as a book or slideshow you will have lots of original paintings that you could mount and frame. You could have an exhibition, I did just that and it was a great success.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn how to create loose watercolours and how to collect them in a nice album or slideshow.