Let's Wine about Wine!

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Course Description

Through this course will just scratch the surface of what the vast world of wine is all about.

We’re covering the basics, over which each of you can build solid wine knowledge. That if you’re up for the task.

Learning about wine is quite a journey, and no matter how many bottles you pop open, how many maps you study, or how many books you read, you can never know everything about this fantastic drink.

Now, if you’re thinking about digging deeper into wine, then you’re in luck because fewer topics are as tasty to study.

Wine is awesome. Yes, it’s boozy, and we love it for that, but there’s much more behind our favorite fermented drink.

Wine is history, culture, science, gastronomy, and etiquette. Wine is the single most sophisticated agricultural product on the planet.

With over 4,000 different grape varieties and over 70 wine-producing countries, no wine is the same. Every bottle, every glass and every drop is a new experience.

Enjoying wine is like traveling without leaving the comfort of your home, that if you know how to listen. Yes, because wine speaks to us through its flavors, textures and aroma.

In today’s course, we’re covering seven topics about wine: its history, grapes and viticulture, the art of making wine, the most popular wine regions, systematic wine tasting and a tasty introduction to wine and food pairings.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn what's wine
  2. Wine history
  3. Grapes & Wines
  4. Viticulture
  5. Vineyards
  6. Common Wines
  7. Wine-tasting
  8. Wine & Dine