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This is a 2-month intensive course meant for anyone who is interested in learning trigonometry and its aspects. However, the course is primarily focused for high-school students at all levels. The course will help students in test preparations, self assessments, home works, revision and recapping, study guidance and enhance their learning processes. Students will be exposed to sine and cosine rules, trigonometric ratios for acute angles, angles of elevation and depression, 2-D and 3-D problems, bearings, Pythagoras Theorem, finding areas, simple trigonometric identities, solving simple and complex trigonometric equations, the unit circle, radian measure and advanced trigonometric identities and relationships.


  • Solid knowledge of Algebra i.e solving Algebraic expressions and equations and Algebraic manipulation.
  • Good Familiarization of a scientific calculator utilization.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Utilize sine,cosine and tangent ratios for acute angles; (Fundamentals of Trigonometry)
  2. Solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression
  3. Interpret bearings
  4. Solve 3-D trigonometric problems
  5. Use the sine rule to find a missing side or a missing angle
  6. Use the cosine rule to find a missing side or a missing angle
  7. Solve problems using combination of sine and cosine rules along with the Pythagorian Theorem
  8. Find the area of a triangle using sine
  9. Appropriately use simple trigonometric identities
  10. Solve simple trigonometric equations i.e. sin(x)=c
  11. Solve more complex trigonometric equations i.e sin(nx+a)=c
  12. Solve quadratic trigonometric equations
  13. Analyze and interpret the unit circle
  14. Use radian measure and angles; conversion from rad to deg and vice versa
  15. Deal with advanced trigonometric identities and relationships and its applications/problems i.e sec, cosec & cot