Life Map Goal Setting: Targeted, Organized & Disciplined You

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Course Description

Are you wondering what it would be like to live your dreams? Maybe you are uncertain about where the start, how to keep it going, or what tools you need. Maybe you are the person who is indecisive, still holding on to the hope that life has more to offer than just work, eat, and sleep. Life does have more to offer! You will need a map to discover the options, opportunities, and opposition.

This training is your Life Map based in the wisdom of the COACH Method, branded in the COACH Me intervention, and provided here as a video-based virtual workbook for you. You will find mindset, tools, and techniques that will optimize your intelligence and your schedule as well.

This training has 5 overarching competencies.

  1. Effectively identify and manage all available resources.

  2. Implement goal setting based on a carefully scaffolded vision.

  3. Partialize projects, breaking them into their component parts.

  4. Prioritize projects for the greatest efficiency and productivity.

  5. Manufacture discipline as a skill resulting in perpetual motivation.

These overarching competencies are presented in 4 major sections.

  • Preparation: Life Passion versus Safe Bet

  • Section I: The Foundation

  • Section II: Planning in the Long and Short Term

  • Section III: Getting Down to Discipline

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify Your Purpose
  2. Manage Time, Finances, and Emotions
  3. Organize Your Vision
  4. Translate Vision into Projects
  5. Organize Your Projects
  6. Calculate Time to Completion
  7. Schedule Productive Activity
  8. Prime & Maintain Internal Motivation
  9. Jumpstart and Stop Production