Life-Scan 101: Getting the Long View

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Course Description

An original, profound and fun way to get a grip on the mysteries of your life. Taking a cognitive-behavioral approach in which getting fresh-eyes can lead to taking fresh-action, this course was field-developed in Canada, Europe and the USA with people in their 40's and 50's who were contemplating a "mid-life course correction". Turned out that these life-orientation activities were of interest to both younger (20's and 30's) and older (60’s to 80’s) adults. So whoever you are, and wherever you are in your lifetime journey, you are invited to use these mapping ideas and self-awareness activities to your best advantage!

Expected Outcomes

  1. A convincing reason to start mapping your life right where you are today.
  2. A way for you to test and discard "whole-life" models that underestimate your potential.
  3. A powerful model of natural cycles that gives insight into your direction.
  4. A way for you to anticipate new opportunities that will arise in your future ages and stages.
  5. A "whole-life" model that gives you ownership of your Self and your lifetime.