Lifestyle Upgrades For Busy Adults

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Course Description

Restorative lifestyle upgrades for busy people who want to overcome stress and enjoy a more focused, productive, happy, and fulfilling life.

Take back control over your energy and emotions. Tap into an endless supply of creativity. Breakthrough into a new level of productivity. Experience more satisfaction today.

Remain confident and at peace in every situation, by unlocking the benefits of 7 unique types of rest. Learn how rest benefits every aspect of your life including your happiness, relationships, and overall health.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn about 7 unique lifestyle upgrades and their far-reaching restorative benefits
  2. Discover your personal areas of rest deficit
  3. Get tips to help you enjoy more high quality sleep
  4. Practical applications for each type of lifestyle upgrade
  5. Actionable step to living a well-rested, more relaxed life
  6. Learn how to detoxify your body, your mind, and your environment
  7. Understand the effects of nature and art on your level of life enjoyment
  8. Enjoy more of your life every day by making a few small purposeful changes
  9. Take 30-Day Sacred Rest Challenge