LinkedIn for Beginners: Build a Kickass LinkedIn Profile

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Course Description

Looking to build your first LinkedIn profile or simply enhancing your existing LinkedIn profile?

Did you know about 86% of Recruiters go to LinkedIn first when searching for talent?

Welcome to the LinkedIn for Beginners: Build a Kickass LinkedIn Profile course from PJC Academy and AIGPE. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media market for job seekers and recruiters. LinkedIn has over 610 million members. Over 20 million jobs are posted on LinkedIn. More than 30 million companies are on LinkedIn in some form or other. LinkedIn is a platform that should be leveraged by anyone who is actively or passively looking for a job. In today’s job market, careers are always shifting due to our ever-changing global environment to be ahead of the competition. The good news is, leveraging the LinkedIn platform using your LinkedIn profile allows you to have your hands on the wheel as to leading-edge job-hunting capabilities, the latest industry trends, market your brand globally, grow your professional network to reach the ends of the earth like never seen in history.

This masterclass for Linked Beginners will help you learn how to market your persona brand to be lucrative in the market. The importance of leveraging the LinkedIn social media channel increases your global recognition cannot be overstated enough. Today, more than ever, it’s critical for your profile to stand out so you may make your social presence more lucrative in the job market.

What’s in this course for me?

  • Gain knowledge and accessibility to over 610 million members

  • You’ll learn how lookup 20 million jobs posted

  • You’ll learn the benefits of having access to 30 million companies

  • Learn basic tips and tricks to navigate around LinkedIn’s platform

  • You will gain crisp direction on improving your most critical Headline and About summary sections

  • You will be presented with the Help Center in LinkedIn that’s a very underutilized feature

What you'll learn:

  • Market your personal brand

  • A most impactful way to record your title

  • A most impactful way to showcase your Headline

  • The correct narrative for your “About” summary

  • Best photo of yourself to utilize

  • Adding a background photo in your profile top box

  • Add connections

  • Intensify your skills

  • Basic setting and privacy guidelines

  • Understanding of leveraging LinkedIn’s Help Center

  • Show Recruiters you're marketable

  • Your Brand to be more lucrative in the market

  • Increase social presence

  • Addressing impactful work experience content

  • Recommendations for listing educational achievements

  • Getting the full leverage on certifications

  • Individualizing your assigned personal URL address

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals new to LinkedIn and want to join a professional global network

  • Professional individuals who are in their beginning, middle, and later phases in their careers

  • Seasoned professional individuals looking to update their LinkedIn profile

  • Individuals looking to learn basic tips and tricks

  • Individuals who just graduated from college (undergraduate and graduate)

  • Individuals looking for employment


  • Create or edit your "Headline"

  • Create or edit your "About" summary

Four quizzes:

  • Introduction section quiz - 3 quiestions

  • Strengthen your profile section (part 1) quiz - 3 questions

  • Strengthen your profile section (part 2) quiz - 3 questions

  • Strengthen your profile section (part 3) quiz - 3 questions

Expected Outcomes

  1. Step-by-step tutorial to build a strong LinkedIn Social Media Presence
  2. Prepare a keyword-rich, optimized LinkedIn profile that gets outstanding results in your job search
  3. Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn® and discover networking techniques with focused outcomes
  4. Build pertinent professional and personal networks to bolster your position in the job market
  5. What Employers and Recruiters are looking for?
  6. Tell a Story of YOU with keywords that will make you standout