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This course is the second Lithuanian language course from the series, and was made for people who have recently started their learning path. Each lesson is structured around the student’s needs, and presents the main points and the most important material!

In this course you will get to know more about:

  • past and future tenses;

  • when and how to use the cases (nouns);

  • what phrases/idioms/compliments to use for daily conversations;

  • many new nouns and adjectives;

  • the structure of higher amounts of numbers (100 – 10 000);

  • how to improve the pronunciation skills;

  • and much more;

Also, there are quizzes at the end of the lessons to make sure that you memorise new words and structures better!

This course is great for You if you want to:

  • continue your learning path and learn more about the Lithuanian language;

  • improve Your pronunciation;

  • be able to understand better your Lithuanian partner/friends in a short period of time;

  • be confident when traveling to Lithuania for work or holidays;

  • know many everyday phrases and key expressions for your social interactions;

Learn Lithuanian language and achieve your personal and professional goals

  • If your partner or relatives speak Lithuanian, learning this language will help you to understand them better and show your respect and love. Your closest ones will be amazed when you try to understand and know the most important Lithuanian words!

  • Knowing the basics of this language can make your visit to Lithuania more enjoyable as you will feel confident and well-prepared to make a good impression on your business partners.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will get familiar with Lithuanian expressions and idioms;
  2. You will understand the most important Lithuanian grammar structures;
  3. You will be able to have basic conversations in Lithuanian;
  4. You will be introduced to the most commonly used vocabulary in Lithuanian;