Logical Tarot for advanced students - Ultimate 44card spread

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Course Description

This course is designed for the students who have completed foundation course - "Logical Tarot as a Healing Tool".

44cards spread is a comprehensive and holistic reading which includes life lessons and secret passages to shift people's lives.

After this completing this course, you will be able to deepen your understanding and improve the analysis of your readings.

Similar to the foundation course, I will be adding up some real sample readings from Udemy students so that you can practice, learn and improve your skill.

I will also be giving tips and sharing my experience on how to start reading sessions on the internet using digital platforms. My course will show you how to be effective Tarot reader online and grow a successful business.

This course also opens up to a private support group, where you can share your findings, practice on each other and support each other as a fellow tarot readers!

Expected Outcomes

  1. "Spiritual Map of Life" the ultimate 44 cards spread reading.
  2. Expand your the knowledge from the Foundation class, so that readings becomes even more deeper and connected to each other.
  3. Learn to comprehensively read peoples life, so that you can effectively answer the questions your clients will ask.
  4. Tips from a professional tarot reader - how to develop and grow your business online
  5. Learn from readings of other Students - Practice sessions to be added for you to deepen knowledge and opportunity to have your skills tested.
  6. How to effectively read Tarot online using digital platforms