Love 301: How to Love Yourself

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Course Description

You're bright, talented, motivated, and deserving, but SOMETHING keeps holding you back from the success you logically deserve in finances, romance, and/or life satisfaction. What could it be?

I can't say for certain - but I CAN say that learning what it means to love yourself and how to do so more completely is probably the best investment you can make in your happiness and success! I say that with confidence because love = life. Love is nurturing, healing, encouraging, instructive, and supportive. Love conquers fear and all other obstacles. Of course you already know this, but do you know HOW to love yourself more?

It's crazy that EVERYBODY knows that love is the answer, that it's the most powerful motivational and liberating force in the universe, yet virtually NOBODY really understands it or how to get more of it.

Love 301: How to Love Yourself is the product of 5 years of research on love and how to teach and learn it. It includes stories, explanations, and 6 types of application activities to teach you basic concepts and practices so you can:

  • Do what makes you [the right kind of] happy.
  • Do what's good for you and what makes you grow.
  • Accept yourself and your life exactly as you are and go forward from there.
  • Do what love does, and think and feel what love thinks and feels
  • Grow more confident, attractive, successful, and abundant.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what self-love is, what it wants, and what it does - and thus, how to do it.
  2. Accept yourself perfectly exactly as you are - which forms the most crucial foundation for happiness & success.
  3. Experience joy, excitement, and satisfaction for simply being you and living your life.