Love Where You Live

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Course Description

Sleep Tight Tonight Knowing Your Home is Safe From Fire

Love Where You Live

Most of us never think that we will ever experience a house fire. So please, don't wait until a disaster happens in your home. Educate yourself on what to do.

This course is comprised of 14 lectures lasting approximately 4 hours.

We are going to cover everything in your dwelling that will help you discover any fire safety problems and what to do about them. We will teach you how to check all your fire equipment and most importantly new equipment for your evaluation.

We're going to cover things outside your home and everything from the kitchen to the basement, from smokers to candles, barbecue pits to bedrooms, electrical to water heaters. It will be a room by room inspection utilizing the fire inspection checklist. Having the correct information and equipped with the tools necessary to inspect your home, set it escape plan and protect your family, is one of the most important things that you could do. Four hours may seem to be a long time but trust me what you will learn is imperative to keep you and your family safe, save money on minor mishaps and be less dependent on insurance.

So let's get started and word the stuff you'll need to know.

This is not a boring class. I am not a boring instructor. You will learn through video, photos and other techniques everything to accomplish this objective.

You definitely will be glad you took this course for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course will take you step-by-step through a Fire Safety Checklist, outside and inside your home. You will be able to Recognize and Determine if a Fire Safety Problem exists. You will learn to test your equipment to make sure it is operating correctly and what equipment you might want to consider to upgrade your property. You will also learn to develop a Fire Escape Plan and rehearse it.