Lucid Dreaming: Complete Guide | Beginner to Advanced

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Course Description

I don't know about you, but it's always hard for me to read a long description of a course to figure out if it's useful or not. So, we decided to make it easy for you, we as the Skill360 team don't believe in making things harder than they seem.

So we made a short introduction (7 minutes) which is free and by watching it, you will understand the whole structure of the course. You will also get other useful information about lucid dreaming which could be helpful for you.

I hope you enjoy and find this course valuable.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Master all the effective lucid dreaming methods and techniques such as WILD, DILD, MILD, and...
  2. How to control your dreams and experience your unfulfilled desires like Flying, Erotic Fantasies, and...
  3. How to influence your real life by lucid dreaming like Talking to Your Subconscious, Working on Your Craft or Overcoming Your Phobias, and...
  4. Learn all the lucid dreaming essentials like Sleep Cycles, Dream Journaling, Reality Checks, and...
  5. Become a master in lucid dreaming by knowing how to progress in Different Layers of Lucidity
  6. You will be able to experience your First Lucid Dream
  7. Learn all the tools that will help you in your journey of lucid dreaming like Binaural Beats, Supplements, and...