Mac Basics: Mastering your Mac for home and business

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Course Description

Important Information: This course is designed to mimic an instructive friend helping you to learn the Mac. It is not a hyper-focused course where you go from slide to slide. It's meant to be informative, fun, and relaxed. (Students who have macOS Sierra (10.12) and macOS High Sierra (10.13) will find this course still relevant. The fundamentals really never change, so come on in. ;)

This course is for those who are new to Apple computers. Whether you're transitioning from Windows, or you've just purchased a Mac for the first time, this course is built solely for you, the new Mac user. The only item required for this course is an Apple computer with at least Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) installed on it.

(Click the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and tap "About this Mac" to see in the "Overview" tab, what version your operating system is.)

In short, this course will be like sitting down with a friend who gently guides and teaches you everything you need to know about your Mac. I loved taking care of people and their Macs while at Apple HQ, so you'll get nothing less here at Udemy.

Join the thousands of students who've already taken the plunge to learn about one of the best computers ever made!

Side note: This course has over 4.5 hours of content and doesn't provide popcorn (you don't have to do it one sitting). So, if you plan to binge this course, then grab your favorite snack and beverage and get ready for some excitement.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Smartly connect to mobile, office, and home networks with a Macintosh computer.
  2. Intelligently protect a Macintosh with native and third-party applications.
  3. Fully understand iCloud and AppleIDs, and how their services give you a seamless experience
  4. Use your Mac with confidence
  5. How to use and protect your Mac when you're out in public