Mac for Windows Brains

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Course Description

Mac or Windows? Why not both? Do you already know how to use a Windows computer but need or want to learn how to use a Mac? If so, then this course is for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to apply what you already know about Windows to the Mac, making it much easier and faster to learn. The goal of this course is to give you an overview of how the Mac operates, how to change important settings, and how to manage your files. In doing that, we will go over the dock, the menu bar, window behavior, the mouse and the trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, managing applications, creating and removing shortcuts, understanding file management, finding your way around, making selections, using an external hard drive, changing preferences, and file sharing.

At the end of the course, you will know enough to be dangerous, and you’ll be ready to start learning all about the different applications that came with your Mac. You’ll start to see how by just learning a few basics, that you become a Master of your Mac!

This course is designed for those who were comfortable using Windows and are now switching over to the Mac. It’s also for those who are considering making a switch but haven’t taken the plunge yet. It’s helpful if you already have a Mac, but if you don’t, you could certainly just watch the course and decide if this is something that you want to dive into.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Operate a Mac with ease
  2. Understand Mac equivalents for Windows functions
  3. Understand Mac terminology
  4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Change important settings
  6. Customize the Dock
  7. Organize files
  8. Create Shortcuts to files and folders
  9. Set up and use gestures and special clicks on the Apple Mouse and Trackpad
  10. Install and remove applications (programs)
  11. Add user accounts
  12. Set parental controls
  13. Set up a printer
  14. Search on the Mac
  15. Use app switching and Mission Control on the Mac
  16. Use task manager equivalents
  17. Find system information about the Mac
  18. Share files with other Macs and PCs
  19. Install Windows on the Mac