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Basics of Maintenance Planning, and tips about other related topics like spare parts management, shutdown management, job plan design, and recommended sources of job plan information.

For maintenance managers, maintenance planners and even operation and maintenance team members, they should know the basics of maintenance planning and how to better utilize it in order to improve the performance of their organization.

This module should have primary knowledge about job plan, its template and how to build it.

It also discusses the basic role and responsibilities of planners and what type of skills they should acquire and strengthen.

The also highlight the basic software they should learn and master in order to do their job proffesionally.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn the basic tips of Maintenance Planning Basics and how to build a job plan of manage a shutdown
  2. Job Plan Details
  3. Job Plan’s Information Sources
  4. Shutdown Management Tips
  5. Spare Parts Management Tips
  6. Maintenance Planner Skills