Make Your Own Raw Healthy Chocolate

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Course Description

Become your own chocolatier and awe your loved ones!

Cacao, which chocolate is made from, is an amazing superfood that nourishes the body and soul. Rich in minerals, antioxidants, an aphrodisiac and a natural's no wonder the Mayans called it the Food of the Gods!

Unfortunately, most of the chocolate sold on shelves is loaded with refined sugar and dairy, which compromise the health benefits that the cacao bean has to offer.

This course will enable you to take back the magic of cacao, and make your own chocolate at home that is healthy and free from any ingredients you don't want that compromise your health.

You will be taken on a journey where you will learn:

  • The fascinating history of the most favorite food in the world

  • The incredible health benefits of raw cacao, called Food of the Gods by the Mayans for a reason!

  • What you can combine chocolate with to increase its nutritional value

  • Other superfoods and their benefits

  • How you can make your own delicious and healthy treats in your own kitchen to suit your health goals and dietary choices

Modules included in the course:

1 - The History Of Chocolate

2 - The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

3 - From Bean to Bar

4 - Adding In Superfoods

5 - Essential Oils

6 - Melting the Cacao Butter

7 - Dry Ingredients

8 - Bringing It All Together

9 - Pouring In Molds & A Word About Tempering

10 - Tasting the Results!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to make your own HEALTHY guilt-free chocolate at home
  2. Many different superfoods you can add to your chocolate and what they do for your health
  3. The fascinating history and the incredible health benefits of cacao
  4. How making your own superfood chocolate can add years to your life
  5. Essential oils you can add to flavour your chocolate