Make Yourself into a Living Buddha

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Course Description

In this challenging and unpredictable modern world, the profound teachings of Buddhism have never been more needed. What is a Buddha? Who was the first historical Buddha? Can anyone become a Buddha?

In this 21-day introduction to Buddhism, the author guides you through the worlds within worlds that make up reality. Each lecture ends with a personal challenge that will enable the reader to gently and quickly guide his or her mind to the profound truths that lies at the heart of Buddhism. This is an introduction to Mahayana Buddhism and is suitable for the complete beginner.

Few people realize that to raise your life-state does not also require you to change your modern life-style. For example, when people hear the word Buddhist, they often think of someone who meditates. Although many Buddhists do meditate as part of their daily practice, this is only one technique that can be used to raise your life-state. You may find that you naturally want change some key things in your life that are making you unhappy but these important decisions will appear naturally as you progress towards the vast life-state of a Buddha.

The author has been a practising Buddhist for over 30 years and looks forward to sharing his experiences and insights that will help you to achieve the life-state known as Buddhahood.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Have you ever wondered if Buddhism is a religion. a philosophy or a life-style?
  2. Buddhism is in fact all three. This course will focus more on the modern life-changing aspects of Buddhism rather than the religious side.